क्षेत्रीय आयुर्विज्ञान अनुसंधान केन्द्र
(भारतीय आयुर्विज्ञान अुनसंधान परिषद)

पोर्ट ब्लेयर, भारत

PhD Programme

Affiliated to Pondicherry University

PhD programme was strated at RMRC, Port Blair with affiliation to Pondicherry University. Currently, the centre has 14 students registered for PhD programme, 10 in Microbiology and 4 in Entomology. Apart from these students, 8 were awarded Doctorate in Microbiology.

From the year 2016 onwards, PhD programme will be conducted in the areas of Medical Microbiology and Medical Entomology (replacing Microbiology and Entomology, respectively).

PhD admissions

The details of PhD programme can be obtained from Pondicherry University's site

List of PhD Scholars (as on October 2020)

PhD Microbiology
Sl No Name of the Candidate Batch Guide Topic
1 K. Thanasekaran 2005-06 Dr. P. Vijayachari Shigellosis in Andamans: Studies on serology, antimicrobial resistance and
molecular characterization of isolates (Degree Awarded)
2 N. Muruganandam 2007-08 Dr. P. Vijayachari Studies on chikungunya viral infection: with special reference to clinico-pathology
in patients with persistent arthralgia (Degree Awarded)
3 Debdutta Bhattacharya 2008-09 Dr. Subarna Roy Molecular characterization of multidrug resistant Shigella sp. in
Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India (Degree Awarded)
4 I. Krishna Chaaitanya 2008-09 Dr. P. Vijayachari Study on pathogenesis of chikungunya disease (Degree Awarded)
5 Haimanti Bhattacharjee 2008-09 Dr. Subarna Roy A Serological and Molecular Survey of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Mutant in Tribal
population of Car Nicobar 10 years after inception of the Universal Hepatitis B
Vaccination Programme in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India (Degree Awarded)
6 R. Thamizhmani 2008-09 Dr. Subarna Roy Sero-epidemiological and molecular typing of Dengue virus in Andaman & Nicobar Islands
(Degree Awarded)
7 Sayi D.S. 2008-09 Dr. Subarna Roy Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Vibrios in aquatic environments of
Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Degree Awarded)
8 Punnam Chander M 2008-09 Dr. P. Vijayachari Studies on ethno-medicine and health care practices among the nicobarese tribe and
assessment of medicinal values of selected medicinal plants (Degree Awarded)
9 R. Vimal Raj 2008-09 Dr. P. Vijayachari Leptospirosis in Andamans: Occurrences, Disease burden and genomics of leptospires.
(Degree Awarded)
10 Chandan Lall 2010-11 Dr. P. Vijayachari Ecology of leptospires: Study on biotic and abiotic factors involved in disease
transmission. (Degree Awarded)
11 K. Vinod Kumar 2010-11 Dr. P. Vijayachari Studies on leptospiral biofilms-ecological aspects. (Degree Awarded)
12 Anwesh Maile 2010-11 Dr. P. Vijayachari Diversity of gut microbiome among Nicobarese - A perspective on their
lifestyle transition (Degree Awarded)
13 Surya P 2011-12 Dr. P. Vijayachari Studies on Hand Foot and Mouth Disease in Andaman Islands (Degree Awarded)
14 MullaiKodi S 2011-12 Dr. P. Vijayachari Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection among the infants and young children in Andaman
Islands - Clinical features, epidemiology and genotypes
16 Ramya Raghavan P 2012-13 Dr Subarna Roy Molecular characterization of multi drug resistant diarrhoegenic E. coli among diarrhea
patients in Andaman islands (Degree Awarded)
17 Sikha T 2012-13 Dr M. G. Madanan Proteins expressed and involved in the invasion and pathogenesis of leptospirosis
and their mechanism of action (Degree Awarded)
18 Rajesh Reesu 2012-13 Dr M. G. Madanan Childhood Diarrhoea due to Rotavirus and its molecular epidemiology in Andaman and
Nicobar Islands (Degree Awarded)

PhD Medical Microbiology
Sl No Name of the Candidate Batch Guide Topic
1 Rehnuma Parvez 2016-17 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
2 Uzma Rahman 2017-18 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
3 Shivangi Sharma 2017-18 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
4 Ambreen Fatima 2017-18 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
5 M Rajamani 2018-19 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
6 Preetha 2018-19 Dr P. Vijayachari --- (Pursuing)
7 Abhijit Sharma 2018-19 Dr M. G. Madanan --- (Pursuing)
8 Homen Phoken 2018-19 Dr M. G. Madanan --- (Pursuing)
9 Nisha Beniwal 2019-20 Dr N. Muruganandam --- (Pursuing)

PhD Medical Entomology
Sl No Name of the Candidate Batch Guide Topic
1 Arun Sivan 2009-10 Dr. A. N. Shriram Entomological risk of dengue and chikungunya virus transmission in Andaman
Islands: an ecotome based approach (Degree Awarded)
2 Addeppali Prem Kumar 2013-14 Dr. A. N. Shriram Abundance, diversity and community composition of mosquitoes, in diurnally sub
periodic endemic setting in Nancowry islands, Nicobar district (Thesis Submitted)
3 Vidhya P T 2013-14 Dr I. P. Sunish Situation analysis of malaria in Great Nicobar island (Degree Awarded)
4 Zaheed Ali Khan 2013-14 Dr I. P. Sunish Spatial and temporal variation of malaria vectors in Nicobar islands (Degree Awarded)
5 L Mathirasan 2018-19 Dr . I. P. Sunish --- (Pursuing)